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Tampa Bay Buccaneers Pre-Season Games Announced

Home Away
New England Patriots
Sunday Aug. 17th
Miami Dolphins
Friday Aug. 8th
Jacksonville Jaguars
Friday Aug. 22nd
Houston Texans
Friday Aug. 29th
The Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2008 Pre-Season Schedule has been released and if it looks familiar to you, thats because it should. The Bucs played the exact same schedule last season. The only difference is that they'll be playing J-Ville at home and playing the Dolphins away... Hope you werent anticipating the schedule...

If the rumors of the Bucs potentially spinning QB Chris Simms off to the Miami Dolphins holds true, maybe the Pre-Season Opener will be interesting for half a quarter (after that the reserves will be on the field).

In another jaw-dropper, Bucs S/CB Eugene Wilson could show the Patriots why they shouldnt have let him go in the 2nd week of the pre-season.

Okay let me stop talking up the Pre-Season... It's the Pre-Season afterall..