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Buccaneers to add yet another Quarterback to the Roster

I've slowly come to grips with the Bucs, Jon Gruden's affinity for collecting Quarterbacks for his roster. I was disgusted when the Bucs wasted a draft pick on QB Bruce Gradkowski, furious when they dealt another draft pick for retired QB Jake Plummer, and was disappointed when they traded yet another draft pick for re-tread QB Brian Griese. I've realized and come to accept the fact that no position on the Bucs roster can be discussed in absolutes, especially the QB position.

Take the 2008 NFL Draft for example, the Bucs could select a Quarterback with one of their 5 Draft Picks. This notion became a true possibility when the Bucs have been rumored to be scouting:

QB Chad Henne (Michigan) 6'2, 224lbs - A four-year starter with a strong arm, Henne isn't very mobile and is a little short for the position. Henne struggles when pressured and may need to work on his mechanics some. Has tremendous football intelligence and is a vocal leader. Could develop into a good pro if he's given time to adjust and get fully healthy following an injury plagued senior season.

QB Josh Johnson (San Diego) 6'3, 195lbs - Prolific passer with good mobility and phenomenal arm strength. Very quick release. Gets through his progressions well. Smart. Makes very few mistakes with the ball. Almost never throws an interception. Playing against D-II competition.

QB Brian Brohm (Louisville) 6'4, 226lbs - Brohm was a highly touted recruit and has not disappointed. Displays patience and is willing to stand in and take hits if necessary. Has a fairly quick release and stays balanced when he throws. Has a high release point and also displays good footwork. Has the arm strength to make deep throws but lacks great velocity. Has had several injury problems in his career. Brohm has a tendency to make big mistakes when defenses apply heavy pressure.

I can stomach the Bucs drafting another QB, I pray it doesnt happen and certainly not with one of the teams first three draft picks. But I'm okay with it, no really I am... Can you handle the Bucs drafting another Quarterback?