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Draft Buzz: Players the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are interested in

...UPDATE... (New Targets highlighted as of 4/3/08)

Who might the Tampa Bay Buccaneers look at in this month's NFL Draft? Just take a look below at the list of players the Bucs are rumored to be interested in:

WR James Hardy (Indiana) 6'6, 220lbs - Long-striding possession receiver. Hands are a little suspect, but he'll fight for the ball in a crowd of defenders. Shows good footwork to keep in bounds. Route running needs improvement. Will round off too much and doesn't do a good job juking defenders. Isn't very fast or shift. Somewhat physical after the catch.

WR Andre Caldwell (Florida) 6'1, 200lbs - Big-framed receiver who has a burst in the short area game. Rarely gets jammed. Displays good body control to keep his balance and work routes correctly. Hands are good but not great. Not much of a playmaker after the catch. Should buck the trend on Gators receivers.

WR Dexter Jackson (Appalachian State) 5'10, 180lbs - Jackson, who doubles as a track star, displays explosive speed, and can be lethal after the catch. His agility isn’t what you’d expect out of a smallish receiver, but he is quick out of breaks, and his straight-line, nine-route speed is attributable to his track background. With added strength and polish, don’t be surprised if Jackson’s stock rises between now and April.

WR Jordy Nelson (Kansas State) 6'2, 213lbs - A former walk-on who has worked into an All-American. Great in the slot. Good hands and speed. Very elusive. Consistent route runner who finds openings and reads the defense well. Will be a great asset as a slot receiver and special teams ace.

WR DeSean Jackson (California) 6'0, 166lbs - Dangerous but slender receiver who may only contribute immediately as a return specialist. Has good but not great hands and is an average route runner. Runs mostly vertical routes. Shifty after the catch and on reverses. Will get in trouble against bigger corners who can redirect him and jam at the line.

WR Devin Thomas (Michigan State) 6'2, 215lbs - This year, Thomas has emerged as one of the top receivers in the nation. He has good size, and while not a burner, he has enough speed to make plays downfield. Thomas, a junior college transfer expected to enter the draft, gets good position to make a play on the ball..

S Curtis Cutts (Central Michigan) 6'0, 216lbs - Injured much of last season, was told he has a 10% chance of being drafted and a 90% chance of being signed as an undrafted free agent.

CB Mike Jenkins (South Florida) 6'0, 200lbs - A cover corner who can play physical. Long limbed, but not skinny. Well built. Good speed and awareness. Is best in man coverage. Can turn and run with top receivers. Has loose hips and is fluid in movements. Is an able tackler. Is not afraid of contact. Drops into a zone well. Climbing the draft boards quickly

CB Leodis McKelvin (Troy) 5'11, 187lbs - Exciting player who also doubles as a return man, McKelvin has great speed and vision in the open field. Dangerous any time he has the ball in his hands. Very lean and lanky. Can get too high in his back pedal, but this seemed to be inconsistent on film. Plays too loose at times. Baits the quarterback and then makes up with his speed. Must become more disciplined, but has the raw talent and athleticism to succeed.

CB Antoine Cason (Arizona) 6'1, 192lbs - Cason is a big, physical cornerback who can keep pace with vertical threats and big possession guys. Closes on opponents extremely fast and has good hands to make plays. Supports well against the run and is a good tackler for a cornerback. Could probably also make it as a safety. Will struggle some with shiftier receivers when they change direction.

CB DeJuan Tribble (Boston College) 5'9, 190lbs - Compactly built corner whose speed may be suspect. Gambles too much. Not much of tackler. His best asset is mirroring receivers as they try to lose him on breaks in routes. Possesses excellent ball skills. Added value as a return man.

CB Jack Williams (Kent State) 5'9, 180lbs - Slightly undersized corner who excels in man coverage and is good enough in the zone. Has flown under the radar because of where he goes to school and being former teammates with Usama Young. Not a great tackler. Makes a lot of plays on the ball when it's in the air. Great character.

DT Red Bryant (Texas A&M) 6'5, 324lbs - Torn ACL ended his 2006 campaign. Great presence. Ideal physique. Wide-body with good bubble. Matured as a senior. Has been coddled some. Long arms, uses his hands well. A twogap player who can stop the run or get after the quarterback. Finally showing his true self. Is slightly out of shape. Four-year starter.

DE Brian Johnston (Gardner-Webb) 6'5, 274lbs - Had 24 stops for loss last season to go along with 6 sacks. He plays left defensive end primarily. He had 4 tackles and 22 QB pressures. Considered one of the top defensive ends in the draft.

DE Derrick Harvey (Florida) 6'4, 262lbs - Intriguing speed rusher off the edge. If he stays at end, Harvey will need to get much bigger because he'll get overpowered at times. Speed and quickness make him imposing. Naturally athletic. A possible candidate to play 3-4 edge rusher. Hasn't been asked to drop in zone blitz coverage much.

LB Marcus Richardson (Troy) 6'3 220lbs - Good speed. Is strong in coverage and is able to handle plays funneled to the Will LB spot. Is able to do coverage abilities well with fluid hips. Has the frame to bulk up. Pigeonholed with his current size and weight into the Cover 2 Will LB spot. Will need to go to a team that he fits their system. Needs to get stronger at the point of attack.

MLB Red Keith (Central Michigan) 5'11, 242lbs - Undersized but productive inside linebacker. Very instinctual player, especially against the run. Lacks speed going straight ahead and laterally. Struggles in coverage. Will probably only make it as a two-down or special teams player. Good tackler. Great character and team leader.

C John Sullivan (Notre Dame) 6'4, 290lbs - Solid center. Won't go high in draft because of down year in 2007. Also a liability when in shotgun after some bad snaps. Is a possible NFL center because of his intelligence, lower body strength and ability on the second level.

C Tim Bugg (Indiana) 6'0, 249lbs - It's not often that a team yields a long snapper as one of its top pro prospects, but in Tim Bugg's case it's certainly understandable. Bugg, who has never botched a snap in his college career, is ranked by many scouts and analysts as the top long snapper in the nation.

QB Chad Henne (Michigan) 6'2, 224lbs - A four-year starter with a strong arm, Henne isn't very mobile and is a little short for the position. Henne struggles when pressured and may need to work on his mechanics some. Has tremendous football intelligence and is a vocal leader. Could develop into a good pro if he's given time to adjust and get fully healthy following an injury plagued senior season.

QB Joe Flacco (Delaware) 6'6, 230lbs - Talented, improving passer with good lateral mobility. Has a natural feel for the pocket. Good, fluid mechanics. Former Pitt transfer. Dominated the D-IAA level. Level of competition can be questioned. Must show more consistency and better decision making.

QB Josh Johnson (San Diego) 6'3, 195lbs - Prolific passer with good mobility and phenomenal arm strength. Very quick release. Gets through his progressions well. Smart. Makes very few mistakes with the ball. Almost never throws an interception. Playing against D-II competition.

QB Brian Brohm (Louisville) 6'4, 226lbs - Brohm was a highly touted recruit and has not disappointed. Displays patience and is willing to stand in and take hits if necessary. Has a fairly quick release and stays balanced when he throws. Has a high release point and also displays good footwork. Has the arm strength to make deep throws but lacks great velocity. Has had several injury problems in his career. Brohm has a tendency to make big mistakes when defenses apply heavy pressure.

RB Jonathan Stewart (Oregon) 5'11, 230lbs - Bowling ball running back who never stops moving his legs. Strong legs. Not really elusive, but Stewart is good at working his way through creases. Very competitive. Competent receiver out of the backfield. Not much of blocker. Good kick return man.

Hat Tip to Matt Miller of New Era Scouting and SBNation's Mocking the Draft, Frank Cooney of NFL Draft Scout, and Stephen Holder of the St. Pete Times for the Draft Buzz!!!