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Bucs 5th Round NFL Draft Pick: QB Josh Johnson

Raise your hand if you already created new Bucs QB Josh Johnson via Madden on your Video Game system... Come on don't lie... I was dismayed when Jon Gruden took a Quarterback with that 5th Round Pick, but I was curious as to how the kid's 4.53 speed would play out on my PS2... I gotta say, yeah boy!!

Video Game characters aside, this guy has the make-up to be a very special Quarterback in Jon Gruden's system. I know, where have you heard that before. Gruden was quoted as saying in the off-season that he wanted a chance to draft a 1st round Quarterback. Well my man, with Grads and now JJ, that ought to add up to a 1st Round Quarterback.. Hopefully you can mold this guy. I know I look forward to it.

What makes Josh exciting? Probably his ability to make plays happen with his feet and his athletic ability to avoid the rush. He's a smart player who does a good job reading the defense and progressing through reads. Despite great legs, he looks for the pass first, and knows when to run with the ball.

I think he'll win over Bucs Fans with toughness, he's missed little time due to injury and he has a tremendous work ethic. He's a competitive player who wants to win, and knows how to win.

Here's New Era Scouting's take on Josh Johnson's Quarterbacking abilities:

An accurate quarterback when throwing downfield and on the run. However, he struggles when throwing underneath patterns. Overall, he is pretty sound in this category.

Arm Strength:
A strong arm that allows him to fit the ball into tight windows. Can spread out the field, and will not hinder an offense with his arm. Puts great velocity on his throws.

Decision Making:
Tough to grade because of his competition, but he makes good decisions which is evident by his touchdown-to-interception ratio. A smart player, but he gets away with a lot of throws because of his lackluster competition.

Field Vision:
Does an excellent job going through progression and scanning the field. Realizes when to run the ball when there isn’t anything available. Does a good job spreading the ball out, and keeping his head up when scrambling.

Struggles somewhat with footwork, and basically just needs to fine tweak his mechanics. Nonetheless, he is solid in this area.

Spectacular mobility. Can make things happen on a consistent basis with his legs, and has the ability to turn nothing into something with his legs. Can avoid the rush, scramble, and pick up 10 yards with his legs any given time.

Pocket Awareness:
Does a great job of feeling the rush and moving around in the pocket. Steps up into the pocket, and avoids the rush.

Additional Comments:
Johnson is a very intriguing prospect with a high ceiling. His level of competition makes him hard to grade, but Johnson undoubtedly has the physical skills to excel at the NFL level. His athletic ability is uncanny for the position, and he has the mental toughness and intelligence to be a special player in the NFL. However, Johnson will undergo a grace period during his transition to the NFL game.

If there was ever a perfect situation for Josh Johnson this is it. QB Jeff Garcia has this season with the Bucs, maybe a few more depending on his durability.. Johnson needs time to learn Gruden's offense, so long as Garcia is playing well.. JJ will have the time necessary to adjust to the NFL and its stellar competitive level. It's ridiculously early to predict his future, but you gotta like the kids abilities and its easy to see why Jon Gruden would stick his neck out there and draft, yet, another Quarterback