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Interesting NFL Draft buzz from Day 1

It was a close call between Aqib Talib and Mike Jenkins. The Bucs appeared to be enamored with Talib's size (he's over 6-1 and weighs 202 pounds) and were drawn to his slight edge as a bigger playmaker. - Stephen Holder of the St. Pete Times

Consider me as one of the Fans that was absolutely shocked when the Bucs left Mike Jenkins and DeSean Jackson on the board in that first round. I guess I wanted Jenkins more for the wrong reasons: Home Town Kid, Plays CB (obviously), and could return Punts.. But when you watch him and Talib on tape, Aqib stands out more as his movements are fluid and lets be honest, he's quicker. As I've said since day one, if you can't defer to Monte Kiffin (and his scouts) when it comes to defensive draft picks, who can you? In the end it was a shocking pick, but thats what we've all come to love about the NFL Draft, anything can happen.

Regarding their decision not to draft a receiver in the first round, it's my understanding that Devin Thomas did have a first-round grade where the Bucs were concerned, but it appears he was lower on their board than the cornerbacks. - Stephen Holder of the St. Pete Times

I don't think any of us for one second thought, should any of the Top Corners be on the board (Jenkins, Talib, Cason, etc) that the Bucs would not go corner. We all know Receivers rarely if ever succeed in year one and lets face it, the defense is the face of our franchise. Its as simple as that.

One thing that nearly happened was the Bucs picking an offensive tackle [in the 1st round]. Had Jeff Otah fallen to them (he went one spot earlier to Carolina) he might have become a Buc. Tampa Bay had identified tackle as the deepest position and regarded most of the first-round tackles and potential long-term starters with star potential. - Stephen Holder of the St. Pete Times

It's a good thing the Bucs didnt do that... WoW. That would have been bad from a fan standpoint. You want us to come watch our 1st rounder sit behind Luke Petitgout and Donald Penn (who deserves mention here).. Thank goodness Otah went before our selection. I can't even imagine the outcry over that selection. They would have lost out on a Corner and a Wide Receiver. Okay Okay it didnt happen.. whew!

The rumored Jason Taylor deal might have continued to gain steam as the day wore on, but I'm told the Bucs didn't spend a lot of time considering the possibility. I don't doubt there was a conversation, but even Dolphins G.M. Jeff Ireland dismissed the whole thing as a rumor. I've been doing this long enough to know that there isn't that much smoke without any fire. I mean, even Taylor's agent called at least one writer I know asking what said writer was hearing about a potential deal. That tells me agent Gary Wichard regarded the rumor as more than just talk. I also heard Taylor was very much in favor of coming to Tampa, with one associate describing the situation as "perfect." - Stephen Holder of the St. Pete Times

Buc 'Em contributer "TheUltimateBucFan" was all over the Jason Taylor news yesterday, click here. Once DeSean Jackson went off the board (this is the last time I'll mention the guy, i swear) I thought, what the heck, trade for Jason Taylor, we lost out on any burner at wide out, thankfully the Bucs did not pull the trigger and found maybe the fastest burner in the draft in Appalachian State's Dexter Jackson..

Although there was a TON of Draft Pick for Draft Picks trading going on, there wasnt a single player traded for Draft Picks. Many thought TE Jeremy Shockey would be traded to the Saints (and i hear it nearly happened in round 2), disgruntled Cincy WR Chad Johnson still has to contemplate retirement as he was not dealt. Roy Williams is still a Lion and Lito Sheppard is still a Philadelphia Eagle... and we all know Jason (I'm a Private Dancer, Dancer for money) never got dealt as well. I guess a whole lot of smoke but no fire. It's a shame too, I wonder if Shockey would ruin any aspect of "Team" the Saints currently have. I can see Drew Brees closing his eyes and showing Shockey the "Birth Mark" when Shockey demands the ball...