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Day 2: NFL Draft continues with the 7th Round

What: 2008 NFL Draft
Where: Radio City Music Hall, New York
When: 5:00PM Est Time (Round 7)

Good Morning, believe it or not, Draft Day Number 2 is upon us. In several hours the Draft will be OVER! Just in case you were held hostage in a dark closet all last night, the Bucs drafted CB Aqib Talib from the University of Kansas with the 20th Pick in the 1st Round of the Draft. CB Mike Jenkins (Dallas Cowboys 1st Rd) and WR DeSean Jackson (Philadelphia Eagles 2nd Rd) were both on the board still. In the 2nd Round of the Draft, the Bucs traded their 52nd overall pick to the Jacksonville Jaguars for the Jags 2nd Rd Pick (No. 58), a 5th Round Pick this year (No. 158), and a 7th Round Pick for next years Draft. Not bad I would say. Initially it scared the bejebus (thanks ghosthippo) out of me, but it turned out for the best. The Bucs burned that 58th pick on Appalachian State's WR Dexter Jackson (DJax). He doesnt come from a Div-I school, but he's got the fire and spark this offense so desperately needs. The Bucs have 4 Picks today so get ready for a looooong day...

Who will the Bucs take with that 7th Round Pick? Bert or Ernie? Will they take another WR on Day 2 of the NFL Draft?


1(64) Chicago - DE Ervin Baldwin (From Miami)      
2(209) Green Bay - QB Matt Flynn (From St. Louis through Minnesota)      
3(210) Kansas City - DE Brian Johnston      
4(211) NY Jets - OT Nate Garner      
5(212) Atlanta - CB Wilrey Fontenot      
6(213) Jacksonville - RB Chauncey Washington (From Oakland through Dallas)      
7(214) San Francisco - LB Larry Grant      
8(215) Baltimore - WR Justin Harper      
9(216) Detroit - DT Landon Cohen      
10(217) Green Bay - WR Brett Swain (From Cincinnati through St Louis)      
11(218) Detroit - S Caleb Campbell (From New Orleans)      
12(219) Buffalo - OT Demetrius Bell      
13(220) Denver - S Joshua Barrett      
14(221) Carolina - LB Hilee Taylor - I'm sure its not intentional, but i love how Carolina looks to its in state products.. nice pick up      
15(222) Chicago - OG Chester Adams      
16(223) Houston - QB Alex Brink      
17(224) Buffalo - WR Steve Johnson (From Philadelphia)      
18(225) Arizona - OT Brandon Keith      
19(226) Oakland - WR Chaz Schilens (From Minnesota (through N.Y. Jets))      
20(227) Denver - FB Peyton Hillis (From Tampa Bay)      
21(228) St. Louis - LB Chris Chamberlain (From Washington)      
22(229) Tennessee - CB Cary Williams      
23(230) Philadelphia - OT King Dunlap (From Seattle)      
24(231) Cleveland - DE Alex Hall      
25(232) Atlanta - TE Keith Zinger (From Pittsburgh)      
26(233) Seattle - RB Justin Forsett (From Jacksonville)      
27(234) San Diego - OT Corey Clark      
28(235) Seattle - K Brandon Coutu (From Dallas)      
29(236) Indianapolis - OC Jamey Richard      
30(237) New Orleans - WR Adrian Arrington      
31(238) Tampa Bay - RB Cory Boyd (From New England) - Mr. Irrelevant... Kenneth Darby Part deux      
32(239) Kansas City - TE Mike Merritt (From N.Y. Giants)      
33(240) Baltimore - RB Allen Patrick      
34(241) Carolina - OT Geoff Schwartz      
35(242) Washington - DE Rob Jackson      
36(243) Chicago - LB Joey LaRocque      
37(244) Cincinnati - LB Angelo Craig      
38(245) Miami - DT Lionel Dotson      
39(246) Cincinnati - WR Mario Urrutia      
40(247) Chicago - OT Kirk Barton      
41(248) Chicago - WR Marcus Monk      
42(249) Washington - S Christopher Horton      
43(250) Carolina - OG Mackenzy Bernadeau      
44(251) Buffalo - CB Kennard Cox      
45(252) St. Louis - LB David Vobora