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With the 175th Pick in the NFL Draft, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers select....

No. 175

Presented by Buc'Em

Geno Hayes
Florida State

This pick is tough for me. As an avid Florida State Fan (you guys know this), I tend to hold our players in a higher light. Like a father does with his kids. With Geno early on in his career he was a great competitor, often playing above his abilities. He really took a step back his junior season. Alot of games he faded into the back ground. He had off the field issues (an altercation at a local bar with a cop, who hasnt?). Going into the Florida game, Geno went on the record saying he was ready to punish QB Tim Tebow and the Gators. The outcome? He finished the game with 1 tackle.. I'm not sure about this pick. Either Geno makes the team or he doesnt.. There's no in between with this guy.. I hope he's ready

Geno Hayes, OLB, Florida State, 6'2, 218 Skinny and athletic outside linebacker who plays with tenacity. Appears unstoppable at times. Makes a lot of plays due to his excellent lateral speed. Team leader. Excellent hitter. Not much of a pass rusher. Because of his slender frame, which could carry at least 10 more pounds, Hayes won't make it on the strong side. Needs to refine his pass coverage technique, but he has the agility and speed to hang with tight ends and backs. - New Era Scouting