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Day 2: NFL Draft continues with the 6th Round

What: 2008 NFL Draft
Where: Radio City Music Hall, New York
When: 3:00PM Est Time (Round 6)

Good Morning, believe it or not, Draft Day Number 2 is upon us. In several hours the Draft will be OVER! Just in case you were held hostage in a dark closet all last night, the Bucs drafted CB Aqib Talib from the University of Kansas with the 20th Pick in the 1st Round of the Draft. CB Mike Jenkins (Dallas Cowboys 1st Rd) and WR DeSean Jackson (Philadelphia Eagles 2nd Rd) were both on the board still. In the 2nd Round of the Draft, the Bucs traded their 52nd overall pick to the Jacksonville Jaguars for the Jags 2nd Rd Pick (No. 58), a 5th Round Pick this year (No. 158), and a 7th Round Pick for next years Draft. Not bad I would say. Initially it scared the bejebus (thanks ghosthippo) out of me, but it turned out for the best. The Bucs burned that 58th pick on Appalachian State's WR Dexter Jackson (DJax). He doesnt come from a Div-I school, but he's got the fire and spark this offense so desperately needs. The Bucs have 4 Picks today so get ready for a looooong day...

Who will the Bucs take with that 6th Round Pick? Bert or Ernie? Will they take another WR on Day 2 of the NFL Draft?


1(64) Dallas - DE Eric Walden
2(168) Washington - P Durant Brooks
3(169) Oakland - DE Trevor Scott      
4(170) Kansas City - OT Barry Richardson      
5(171) NY Jets - WR Marcus Henry      
6(172) Atlanta - RB Thomas Brown      
7(173) Houston - S Dominique Barber (From Baltimore)      
8(174) San Francisco - WR Josh Morgan      
9(175) Tampa Bay - LB Geno Hayes (From Chicago) - WoW.. I never thought they would go this route.. Hopefully he makes the team, but i'm not so sure.. He's undersized and always overperformed... we'll see      
10(176) Miami - RB Jalen Jamele (From Detroit)      
11(177) Cincinnati - S Corey Lynch      
12(178) New Orleans - K Taylor Mehlhaff      
13(179) Buffalo - RB Xavier Omon      
14(180) Washington - S Kareem Moore (From Denver through St Louis)      
15(181) Carolina - DT Nick Hayden      
16(182) Kansas City - WR Kevin Robinson (From Minnesota)      
17(183) Denver - LB Spencer Larsen (From Houston)      
18(184) Philadelphia - OG Michael Gibson      
19(185) Arizona - DE Christopher Harrington      
20(186) Washington - QB Colt Brennan - heh      
21(187) Minnesota - OC John Sullivan (From Tampa Bay through Kansas City)      
22(188) Pittsburgh - LB Mike Humpal      
23(189) Seattle - LS Tyler Schmitt (From Tennessee)      
24(190) Cleveland - DT Athyba Rubin (From Seattle)      
25(191) Cleveland - WR Paul Hubbard (From Cleveland)      
26(192) San Diego - CB DeJuan Tribble - See, I told ya'll we shouldnt have taken him in the 2nd round, ha!      
27(193) Minnesota - WR Jaymar Johnson (From Jacksonville)      
28(194) Pittsburgh - S Ryan Mundy (From Green Bay through NY Giants)      
29(195) Miami - OG Donald Thomas (From Dallas)      
30(196) Indianapolis - TE Tom Santi      
31(197) New England - LB Bo Ruud      
32(198) NY Giants - QB Andre Woodson      
33(199) NY Giants - DE Robert Henderson      
34(200) Philadelphia - LB Joe Mays      
35(201) Indianapolis - OC Steven Justice      
36(202) Indianapolis - RB Mike Hart      
37(203) Philadelphia - DE Andrw Studebaker      
38(204) Miami - RB Lex Hilliard      
39(205) Indianapolis - WR Pierre Garcon      
40(206) Baltimore - S Haruki Nakamura      
41(207) Cincinnati - TE Matt Sherry