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With the 58th Pick in the NFL Draft, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers select....

No. 58

Presented by Buc'Em

Dexter Jackson
Wide Receiver
Appalachian State

I gotta be honest, with Wide Receiver after Wide Receiver coming off the board, i had my doubts. I was depressed when DJax1 (DeSean Jackson) got taken two picks ahead of us (Damn you Philly). My confidence was restored however when DJax2 (Dexter Jackson) got drafted by the Bucs. He doesnt have that shifty ability most smaller WR's like him have, but he does have blazing speed. If you're not familiar with DJax he played on that same Appalachian State team that beat down the Michigan Wolverines and single handedly knocked Lloyd Carr out of a job (of course he had pretty much sealed his fate prior to that ball game).

One of the Videos below is 9 MINUTES LONG, so you may want to grab some popcorn. The Appalachian "Ultimate Highlight" Video is a must-see. It's great to add a competitor like that to this ball club. I think in DJax and Aqib we have two athletes that are hungry. They had to truly give their all to make it to this level and they'll have to continue that to stay on this level. This is the first time in a long time where I actually agree with the Bucs Draft choices. Granted tomorrow could be another story, but on this day, WOW... Fantastic Job Bruce, Jon, and War Room Scouts.. Can't wait to watch this guy on Sundays...

WR Dexter Jackson (Appalachian State) 5'10, 180lbs - Jackson, who doubles as a track star, displays explosive speed, and can be lethal after the catch. His agility isn’t what you’d expect out of a smallish receiver, but he is quick out of breaks, and his straight-line, nine-route speed is attributable to his track background. With added strength and polish, don’t be surprised if Jackson’s stock rises between now and April. - New Era Scouting

Alright Gruden, you gotta get this man to start practicing Punt Returns immediately. Even if you have to get him to practice at night in his home. You know when you would play football in the house on your knees with your nephews. Gruden needs to get DJax to do that. I want rub burns on his knee caps. They cant play with a pillow though, it has to be a NFL regulated sized football, no fumbles!!! Let me stop! Excellent Pick...