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Bucs Buzz: Lito Shephard Trade, Madden Cover, Defensive Ends, and Mock Drafting

There's rumors flying around the net about the Eagles and Bucs possibly getting together (yesterday) in order to put CB Lito Sheppard in Red and Pewter.. The RUMOR has been confirmed as truth by FoxSports Jay Glazer,

" has learned that Sheppard was in Tampa on Wednesday to visit with the Buccaneers, who have emerged as the frontrunner for the two-time Pro Bowler, and is likely to be traded by Saturday. It appears it will take a second-round pick plus and additional pick or player to get the deal done." - Jay Glazer of Fox Sports

Well there you have it.. With Buchanon, Sheppard, and Wilson it would eliminate the Bucs need to draft a CB.. hmm

My guess is that will never happen. #1 the Eagles have offered Lito to the Cardinals for Anquan Boldin, do you see any Boldin caliber athletes on our squad? I didnt think so. #2 Lito hasnt been the healthiest Cornerback over his 6 year NFL career. That's one of the main reasons Brian Kelly was allowed to find greener pastures.. Our Defense is set-up to succeed despite having pro bowl caliber corners

Bucs DE Greg White continues to get even more frustrated with his current contract situation. His agent has asked the Bucs for a contract extension, an incentive laden deal, or a flat out trade of DE Greg White before Saturdays NFL Draft.

It seems like every day this week we've had a different player across the league request a trade. Greg White had a good season last year at age 28, the problem is he's basically a rookie at age 28 regardless of all of the Arena League experience he has under his belt. It's gotta be a tough pill to swallow to see Gaines Adams bank more than 15 million and the guy who out produced him doesnt even reach $400k. I don't know what White expected, like QB Jeff Garcia he has no history with the club, so there's no need to pay him based upon one seasons worth of work. Put two seasons like this back-to-back and then and only then could you truly ask for more money and have a good enough gripe to get it... The Bucs could sever ties with Greg White altogether on draft day in order to secure more picks, so keep a look out for that.

Speaking of Defensive Ends, Clemson Tigers product and Draft Prospect Phillip Merling worked out today with several teams on hand including the Bucs. He was limited at his Pro Day and the Draft Combine due to his recovery from a sports hernia.

Merling is considered a 1st Round Draft pick. I think the fan base would collectively vomit should the Bucs waste their first round pick on a defensive end, especially with the depth they currently have at the position.. Should the Bucs trade Greg White, I guess Merling could become a distinct possibility. I think this was more smoke than fire though... No word on whether Merling and Adams are distant cousins

Recently Retired QB Brett Favre will be the cover athlete for EA Sports Madden 2009 Video Game. Favre is expected to announce EA's decison on David Letterman's Late Show on CBS tonight.

Stephen Holder of the St. Pete Times owns up to his own love for the Madden series and asks fans if any current Buccaneer is worthy of the Madden Cover. We definitely don't have any guys worthy of the Madden Cover, maybe the Madden Classic Cover, but not the current Mega Star Cover. With the jinx that thing brings I'm not sure I want to see a Buc on the cover anyhow...

Finally, Stephen Holder and Rick Stroud were asked to be a part of Sports Illustrated's NFL Mock Draft. The guys were able to Draft South Florida Cornerback Mike Jenkins.

I think every Buc fan would be happy with that pick, except those delusional fans that want the Bucs to draft QB Brian Brohm.. Get real!! I can't envision Jenkins falling that far, but if he does, what a steal that would be!!