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NFL Buzz: Jared Allen, Shaun Alexander, Jason Taylor, and Anquan Boldin

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Couple note worthy items (not worthy of individual posts):

The Minnesota Vikings have officially acquired Kansas City Chiefs drunk DE Jared Allen. The Bounty: (1) 1st Round Pick, (2) Third Round Picks, and a swap of 6th round picks (which moves the Chiefs up 5 slots, they traded the pick they received from the Bucs for RB Michael Bennett, hmm). The Vikes locked up Allen with a 6 year 74 million dollar deal...

I'm definitely not sad to see the Bucs lose out on Jared Allen (if you can call it that). This leaves the door wide open for a Julius Peppers signing next off-season and Allen is one drink away from a train wreck. Good luck in Minnesota No. 69, eh

Don't look now, but the Miami Dolphins have put Pro Bowl DE Jason Taylor on the trading block.

It's rumored the Dolphins are looking for a first round pick in exchange for Taylor and that JCat would not get traded until his potential suitor is on the clock.. The Lions, Bucs, Jags, and Eagles are rumored to be potential destinations. No thanks.. Retire Jason, take up acting

We've discussed the Bucs potential to trade for Arizona Cardinals WR Anquan Boldin several times this off-season.. Quan has finally asked for it.. "To be Traded" ..

Call me naive, but i sort of believed Anquan when he said he wasnt worried about getting paid more money.. That he only wanted to focus on football, heh, silly me. The Bucs could Draft 5 Quarterbacks this weekend and it would have no effect on me emotionally so long as we acquire the rights to let Anquan Boldin roam our football field. Sadly, the Cardinals, much like the Bengals, have no intentions of trading Boldin and have already turned down offers from the Redskins and Eagles (who offered Lito Sheppard).

The Seattle Seahawks have officially released former league MVP RB Shaun Alexander. The guys at Pro Football Talk have been discussing his potential release for what seems like years now.

Shaun is two years removed from a 1800+ yard rushing season (27 touchdowns = sick). He will definitely latch on with another team. The Bucs currently have Earnest Graham, Warrick Dunn, Michael Bennett, and YES a returning Cadillac Williams. There's also a guy named Kenneth Darby on the roster, but I've yet to see him hit the field outside of Pre-Season action... I almost want the Bucs to sign Shaun just so we can have as many Runningbacks as we do Quarterbacks... Why not? Alexander seems like a good enough guy, hopefully he can recover his career...