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NFL Shop gets it right with Tampa Bay Buccaneer Customizable T-Shirt

Doing a little draft research the other night and I stumbled upon NFL Shop's customizable Tampa Bay Buccaneers t-shirt feature. Simply put, the product is genius. Especially if your looking to represent a player without fear of that player eventually being traded and your stuck looking silly in a $50-$300 waste of an investment. Here's a couple products I made below:

With shipping your talking, $34-$38 for a customizable t-shirt. Of course you can use your own name or choose not to put a name/number on the t-shirt at all. The shirt comes in Red, Black, Grey, and White. The prices range from $16.99 (plain) to $29.99 (as high as I've gotten it to)... I can't vouch for the quality of the t-shirt as I've yet to purchase one as the wife won't let me, I'm a little short in the dough department, BUT I plan to get one shortly. Just wanted to give you fellow fans a heads up. Click here to customize a t-shirt yourself.