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NFL Draft Nuggets: Chad Johnson, Miami Dolphins, Bucs Draft Philosophy

With the first pick in the 2008 NFL Draft.. The Miami Dolphins select, Offensive Tackle Jake Long, from the University of Michigan.

Yes, its only tuesday and the first Draft Pick has been signed, sealed, and delivered. I hate the early Draft signings, I really do. Talk about a buzz kill. How Goodell even lets it happen is beyond me. At any rate, good luck to the Dolphins. SBNation is 0 for 1 so far with the NFL Mock Draft. Tighten up, Tighten up.. The St. Louis Rams are now on the clock!

Marvin Lewis and the Bengals have it out for WR Chad Johnson (with good reason imo). The Redskins offered their '08 1st Round Draft Pick (No.21) and a potential '09 1st Round Draft Pick for WR Chad Johnson and got DENIED. The '09 1st Round Draft pick hinged on Ocho Cinco's ability to reach certain production plateaus.

I have a feeling Chad Johnson won't see the field this season. Marvin Lewis seems crazy-stubborn-scorned enough to let that happen. Two 1st Round Draft Picks for Chad got denied, wow.. So much for that potential trade possibility

The folks from the Pewter Report relayed a (Q&A) with Bucs director of College Scouting, Dennis Hickey. When asked, "Is your philosophy best available player or do you target a player at a certain position?" Hickey replied, "We go with the best available player for the Buccaneers"

The questions served up were great and really put the whole draft process in perspective. I tend to put the entire onus on General Manager Bruce Allen and Head Coach Jon Gruden, but there is an entire team of scouts who work for months upon months preparing for their teams NFL Draft. Alot of Hickey's responses were bland, but he doesnt want to tip his teams hand, so thats to be expected. It would be nice to see a follow-up interview and see who the Bucs were targeting and who they missed out on

If you have "Truck Nuts" hanging from your rear bumper, you may be fined $60.00 in the near future. A state senator wants to make the use of Fake Bull Testicles as a truck/car accessory illegal.

I heard about this today and just had to convey it to somebody. Needless to say the wife was not amused. I'm sure you guys have seen these danglies hanging from tricked out cars and monster trucks around town.. Their insanely hideous but oh so hilarious. Believe it or not, another state senator came out and admitted to having a pair of his own on his "Pimped out" ride.. His wife made him take them off... I apologize for this bit of news, I had to get it off my chest, err bumper