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Tampa Bay Bucs to Trade down in the Draft? You're kidding me

Tampa Bay Buccaneers to trade down in Saturday's NFL Draft? Stephen Holder of the St. Pete Times, Scott Kramer of BucStats, and Peter King of Sports Illustrated think the Bucs should trade down. Count me as a guy who's not amused.

Their main argument is that the Bucs should trade down to accumulate draft picks, because there's depth at Wide Receiver and Cornerback in this draft. Holder goes so far as to suggest the Bucs taking a gamble on WR Early Doucet because who knows if he's any better than projected 1st rounder Limas Sweed. Doucet, a

Where does this arrogance come from? It must trickle down from the Bucs organization. What part of our offense outside of Joey Galloway and Jeff Garcia makes you think we can pass on 1st Round talent? Oh, I guess so we can take our shot at two mid-level draft picks flaming out?

How about the Bucs HOLD on to their picks. There's a reason we only have (5) picks to begin with (Damn you, Bruce Allen, for wasting those picks on Michael Bennett and Jake Plummer). I can't fathom trading down. In SBNation's NFL Mock Draft, we ran out of high end Cornerback options in round 2 at pick No. 52 (I know, it's only a bloggers mock draft, spare me)...

I'm not going to make like Dolphins DE Jason Taylor and ditch this team should the Bucs lean one way (Offense) or the other (defense), but if they pass on an opportunity to add a speed demon like DeSean Jackson, all I can conclude is that they lack the desire to field a competitive and lets be honest, entertaining offense.

The band-aid treatment aka the David Boston-Jerramy Stevens-soon-to-be-Antonio Bryants of the world need to stop. Take a flyer on a young kid with talent.... I mean if you're going to trade your 1st Round Draft Pick, you might as well package it for Jared Allen or get this, A WIDE RECEIVER...