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Tampa Bay Buccaneers stuck with only 5 Draft Picks

I hope you didn't bank on the Bucs receiving compensatory picks to help aide those 5 Draft Picks the team has for this month's NFL Draft... Per

Tampa Bay was not one of the 15 teams that received compensatory picks. That list was distributed by the NFL on Monday, and Baltimore and Cincinnati led the way with four additional picks each. This marks the first time in eight years that the Bucs have not been on that list. From 2001-07, the Bucs collected a total of 12 compensatory picks.

Of course, the fact that Tampa Bay is one of the 17 teams without draft pick compensation means there was nothing to be compensated for. The system of compensatory picks was introduced with the new Collective Bargaining Agreement in 1993 - yes, the CBA that brought true free agency to the NFL. The additional picks are meant to make up for a net roster loss in free agency the year before.

Last year, according to the complicated formula utilized by the NFL's Management Council, the Buccaneers gained more than they lost via free agency. Thus, no extra picks. -

And there you have it... Use those (5) picks wisely Gruden-Allen. Over/Under on how many players will be drafted that we've never heard of? Over/Under 2?... I'll go under, i mean, we only have 5 picks... eh