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You know that 1st Round NFL Draft Pick? Meet DE Jared Allen


Apparently the Bucs and Vikings are having reservations about dumping a ton of money into Jared Allen's lap. The fact that he has a tendency to drink, alot, coupled with the fact that he owns a sports BAR that features "Jared Juice" apparently doesnt sit well with either club and it shouldnt. If the man's jersey number selection (69) wasnt enough, his bar's slogan says it all "Wine 'Em, Dine 'Em, 69 'Em" if the Bucs sign him after that, maybe he'll do an interview here at Buc 'Em, eh, maybe not. I can see a Jared's Arena & Grill going right up beside Tampa's own Mons Venus... Stay classy Jared!

Reports everywhere have the Bucs attempting to trade with the Kansas City Chiefs for franchise tagged DE Jared Allen. You may remember last season when the Bucs were rumored to be trading for the Saints Charles Grant, going so far as to have him visit their facilities. I didnt cover that much, as it didnt seem like a real possibility. This Jared Allen situation on the other hand, has teeth:

ESPN's Michael Smith is reporting the Bucs have offered the Chiefs this years 1st Round Draft Pick, next years 5th Round Draft Pick, and oh yes even more, DT Jovan Haye was considered to be a piece of the bounty. My goodness what a coupe the Chiefs would receive.

The Bucs are basically trading two unknowns in Draft Picks for a proven commodity in Allen and a rising (soon to be 26 year old) DT in Jovan Haye. Jared entered the league as a 4th round draft pick back in '04. He had 9 sacks his rookie season, led the league in sacks (15.5) this past season, and averages 10+ sacks a season. By the way, he's only 26 years old. He's got a ridiculous motor and would instantly upgrade the pass rush by joining Gaines Adams and crew.

The knock on Jared Allen is that he's had trouble with DUI's in the past (and a mullet). Did you catch that, DUI's, meaning plural. Wikipedia has the guy with 3 DUI's on his record, OUCH.. I mean, that is a serious problem, but he would fit right in with the rest of the Bucs (Gruden, Garcia, etc). So as bad as this sounds, for our organization, that isnt exactly a knock against his character.

This deal could have huge implications down the road: Allen is leaving the Chiefs because he wants to get paid. That's fine, especially when the Bucs have so much cap space, but what happens when he and Gaines Adams wreak havoc and its time for Gaines to get paid? Are we going to throw boat loads of money into two defensive ends? I know, I know thats so far away. At this point I'm on the fence. If I knew the Bucs were dead set on not drafting speed in the shape of a WR or CB with that first pick, then i would be fine with the trade as this draft actually has depth at those positions. Getting Allen would mean the end to my Julius Peppers dream, I'm sure you'll all be happy for that. It's a shame we arent debating a 1st and 5th round pick for WR Chad Johnson. And if we're going to throw in a player, why not Greg White who will no longer have a role along the defensive line?

For what its worth, ESPN's Michael Smith has the Minnesota Vikings in the drivers seat in terms of acquiring Allen, because they have a plethora of draft picks to give up... Losing a 1st Round Pick would take all the fun out of this years draft, but Jared Allen is one heck of a definite.. Would you do it?