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Don't bank on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Drafting a WR in the 1st Round of the NFL Draft

Don't be surprised if the Bucs pass on drafting a Wide Receiver with that First Round Draft Pick they possess... I know, I know, it pisses me off as well, but look at the current landscape:

Joey Galloway - Hands down #1 WR on the team
Ike Hilliard - 3rd down possession receiver, he's deserving of a spot and will start
Antonio Bryant - he wasn't brought in to challenge the scout team
Maurice Stovall - an injury prematurely ended his season last year
Michael Clayton - This is his MAKE or BREAK Year, honestly it is. Put up or shut up
Paris Warren - He looked great last Pre-Season missed all of '07 with a leg injury

I know what you're thinking, outside of Joey Galloway, none of those guys should be guaranteed a thing and I agree with you, but I don't think Jon Gruden and company agree with our assessment. Heck even QB Jeff Garcia said he'd like to see Clayton and Stovall get more opportunities...

So who will the Bucs target with that 1st Round Draft Pick? Your guess is as good as mine. Will they trade up with the damn Broncos to get CB Mike Jenkins? With only 5 picks this year, I see that as highly unlikely (it could cost a 1st and 3rd rd pick). Will they draft whichever CB falls to them at the 20th slot, Aqib Talib? Antoine Cason? Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie? Do they sure up the defensive line with Carolina's Kentwan Balmer? Maybe Gruden goes crazy and drafts QB Brian Brohm... That is whats great frustrating about the Bucs Draft, you think you know who they should and will draft and they end up going in a completely different direction... All I'm trying to say is, don't get upset when the DeSean Jackson's and Devin Thomas' of the world are passed up by the Bucs in that first round... and no, this isn't a "I told you so moment", because I have no clue where the Bucs will go with this pick and its driving me crazy...