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Bucs stock piling LB's in order to trade for a TE or WR?

With the Bucs recently signing Linebackers Leon Joe, Matt McCoy, and Teddy Lehman and adding them to their current crop: Derrick Brooks, Cato June, Barrett Ruud, Jeremiah Trotter, Quincy Black, Ryan Nece, Antoine Cash, Sam Olajubutu, and Adam Hayward; there's a possibility GM Bruce Allen is stock piling depth in an effort to free up one of his more sought after starting Linebackers, cough cough, LB Barrett Ruud...

It's obvious the organization wasn't enamored with any of the Free Agent Offensive options on the market, so maybe Allen is looking to swing a trade for a Top Caliber Offensive Threat. The Giants are short at LB, but I'm not sure they have a need for Ruud with Pierce and would you be satisfied with TE Jeremy Shockey in return? Because there's no way Plaxico Burress will be moved.

Of course the added depth could be just that: Added Depth. Leon Joe was signed last off-season and didnt make the team. Matt McCoy was a second round pick who's yet to pan out, and Teddy Lehman was given a $1.2 Million Dollar contract, so you there could be smoke there. Then again these will either not make the team or be featured on an already stout Special Teams.

I don't think I would trade Ruud for two years of potential Offensive success. Our defense has been the one constant solid over the years. Ruud is cut from that Monte Kiffin mold. In his first year as the starter, he led the league in tackles at points in the season, led his team in tackles, and caused a handful of forced fumbles that led to victory. Should Ruud net a WR Larry Fitzgerald esque talent, then I would have to think twice about that possibility. We all know how this off-season will end though.