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Raiders go BONKERS with WR Javon Walker Contract

I'm beginning to see why the Bucs have yet to add a Wide Receiver this off-season... these guys are making insane cheddar. The Oakland Raiders have signed WR Javon Walker to a SIX YEAR 55 MILLION DOLLAR DEAL. $16 Million of that is guarenteed. My goodness.... for an oft injured guy no less. Sweet Heavens. WR Bryant Johnson must be licking his chops. It's crazy out here in the world of Wide Receiving Free Agency!!!

Bernard Berrian got insane money and years. Stallworth got a crazy amount of years (7), and we never had a shot at Randy Moss, let's be serious.... This fan base ought to join the Front Office and gear up for the Draft, because there is NO WAY Allen and company are gonna bring in guys at that rate and nor should they, sheesh. Could you imagine the backlash had Allen brought in Javon at that price? That would be as insane as trading for a QB who was about to be released because he couldn't hack it in Chitown (I'll let it go when I'm ready)