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Free Agency BREAK: MLB 2K8 in Stores TODAY!!

...UPDATE... gave MLB 2K8 on the PS3 a (7.2 Rating), while MLB '08 The Show got a (8.7 Rating). If I were you, I would ditch the possibility of receiving a FREE Jose Reyes Bobblehead and purchase the better game. An (8.7 Rating) isnt quite the (9.2 Rating) EA Sports CLASSIC MVP Baseball 05 got back in the day, but its dang close. If only I could afford a PS3

MLB 2K8 is in Stores Today!! Need I say more? Take a break from the Bucs vomit inducing off-season: has yet to review MLB 2K8, but you gotta hope it receives a better rating than the 8.0 MLB '08 The Show received... The free bobble head gimmick worries me though