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Free Agent TE Alge Crumpler to sign with Titans?


ESPN's John Clayton is reporting that TE Alge Crumpler has in fact agreed to terms on a two year deal with the Tennessee Titans and all that's left is for Alge to sign the contract. It gets better from there... Clayton insinuates that the NFC South suitors (our Bucs) stopped pursuit of Crumpler due to his potential reoccuring knee problems. I find this laughable for a club that is one off-season removed from signing a banged up Left Tackle and throwing away a 7th Round Draft Pick for a RETIRED PLAYER on a whim (a very tiny whim) that the player would ditch retirement and play for the Bucs. I've said it and I'll continue to say it; for a team that is in WIN NOW mode, potential knee injuries should not deter them from signing a playmaking player period. Especially when said player only signed a 2 year deal... Alge's wife also liked the prospect of living in Tennessee, but I'm sure another added million to Alge's 1 million signing bonus could have persuaded her. Then again maybe not. What a shame.

There's a report out by Adam Schefter of the NFL Network that TE Alge Crumpler has signed with the Tennessee Titans (dang man)...

But WAIT, Alge's Agent is once again disputing the rumor!!! Thank you Football Gods!!! So Friday he was set to sign with the Seahawks, Sunday he was set to sign with the Titans... Monday with the Bucs??? Apparently he was set to make 5.25 million over two years with the Titans.. Alge those two years would be better spent in Tampa, trust me. We all need you!! Dang it Bruce, do the right thing..