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Bucs TRADE 6th Round '09 Draft Pick for QB Brian Griese

The Bucs have officially traded a 6th Round Draft Pick in 2009's NFL Draft for QB Brian Griese. As you can see, the addition of Griese provides the Bucs with SIX Quarterbacks on their roster. As Jeff Garcia would say, "Take your place on the bench Brian"... Initially I was pretty disgusted by this move and still am to be honest, BUT Griese allows Gruden to play Garcia FULL TIME. That means, should Garcia be a little dinged up, he should and better play the season out and not sit games out for fear of injury and the season going down the toilet. Griese provides a homeless mans version of Garcia in the event that Jeff has a season ending injury.

The only question I have is, who do the Bucs release/trade (who would accept a trade? other than the Bucs?) in the coming months? We all know we truly have 5 QB's, as nobody has seen Jake Plummer south of the Colorado Rockies sooo that leaves McCown, Simms, and Gradkowski. We just finished the season with three QB's on the roster in Garcia, McCown, and Gradkowski (Simms was on IR and Plummer was AWOL).. There's no telling what the Bucs will do and they'll probably complicate matters by drafting a "Never-Has-Been" QB in this years NFL Draft. I would outright release Bruce Gradkowski as he's done nothing. I would then try and put Simms on IR or if he's healthy have him battle it out against Griese in Training Camp, if he can't beat out ol' heartless then so much for that, cut the cord on the 27 year old Quarterback. I would just hate to see that as we've invested so much time and money in Simms and he has put his all into it (even a spleen) and to just give up on it that easily would be tough. We'll see though...