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Bucs to make a Big Splash? WR #80...

Roy Cummings of the Tampa Tribune must be delirious from all of the off-season work he's been doing... Roy explains in the article above how those around the NFL assume the Bucs are waiting for situations in other cities to unfold in order to register that "Big Splash" of the off-season. Cummings immediately breaks down the Falcons releasing RB Warrick Dunn, the Broncos releasing WR Javon Walker, and the possibilities of the Bucs signing TE Ben Troupe (who has only scheduled and had a visit with the Bucs, good luck buddy) and LB Ted Lehman as potential splash moves. Hah! These are far from splash moves, unless of course the Bucs are splashing in a pool of selfpity.

Roy Cummings did shed some good light on the Bucs potential future dealings in regards to a one Bryant Johnson. If (stop laughing, come on stop) Johnson DOES NOT sign with the Buffalo Bills, he will then schedule a meeting with the Tampa Bay Bucs.... And the Bucs are interested in RB Chris Brown (Tennessee). to be continued