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Kansas City Chiefs Head Coach Herm Edwards: "You'd have to ask Tampa"

Former Bucs Defensive Backs Coach and current Head Coach of the Kansas City Chiefs, Herm Edwards, has called out his former employer, well, in a way.. When asked about the Bucs (and Browns) abilities to sign C Jeff Faine (and K Josh Brown) nano-seconds after Free Agency began, Edwards had the following to say:

"You'd have to ask Tampa," Edwards said. "I don't know what Tampa did. There were probably some deals done before (the start of the league year)," Edwards said. "We didn't cheat. We abided by the rules. That's how you're supposed to do it, and that's what we did" -

All I can say is this: Tons of teams do it, Herm more-than-likely did it when he jumped from the Jets to the Chiefs. Also, reports have stated that the Bucs called Faine at exactly 12:01AM to talk contracts. I mean knowing Herm and his clock management skills, he probably waited until after lunch the following day to extend a feeler out to Faine that the Chiefs were interested. By then, Faine was probably being fitted for a Tampa Bay Bucs Tat for the back of his knees...

As long as the league doesnt pursue and convict the Bucs of tampering I could careless about the Bucs potential for reaching out to free agents early. The current buzz is that the Chiefs have no intentions of reporting the Bucs to the league office for tampering and thank goodness. Did you see the San Francisco 49ers and their lack of a 5th Round Pick in next month's NFL Draft thanks to a tampering conviction with a Player they didnt even sign/acquire... Good Grief