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Whats left of Free Agency: WR Randy Moss?

With Wide Receivers like Bernard Berrian (Vikings), Donte Stallworth (Browns), and Jerry Porter (Jaguars) signing over the weekend, there isn't much left for the Bucs to extend a contract to. Even WR Devery Henderson has re-uped with the Saints (thank goodness). That leaves a handful of options left on the open market:

#1: WR Randy Moss - He's the best receiver on this years market, but after Bernard Berrian reeled in a 6 year 42 million dollar deal, with $16 Million of it guarenteed, we both know the Bucs won't go that far with Randy Moss and I'm not sure that they should.

#2: WR Bryant Johnson - This signing won't make a single fan excited for next season, but he would make more of an impact than any Rookie in next months NFL Draft (ANY ROOKIE).

#3: WR Javon Walker - I think Javon is the biggest wildcard of all... Is he healthy? How much is he wanting to be paid? Is he a cancer to a Football Squad? Without knowing how much he expects to be paid, its hard to advocate the Bucs going after him. If it precludes the Bucs from standing pat at WR or at the very worst from bringing in WR David Boston for the umpteenth time, then I'm all for it.

As per that, there really isnt too many upgrades out there after the few guys I mentioned up above. Maybe Bruce Allen can swing some sort of trade this off-season, (Larry Fitzgerald, Anquan Boldin, Laveranues Coles?) ... nothing in his past suggest he can make such a scenario take place, but should the Bucs pass on the guys mentioned above, you would hope Bruce has something up his sleeves. Bruce, I hear TE Alge Crumpler is STILL a Free Agent!!!