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Draft History: NFL's 10th Best Draft ever... 1995 Buccaneers Class

Alot of folks consider Rich McKay taking over as Bucs GM in '95 as the tipping point for the Bucs Organization. The point in time where the Franchise started to reverse its fortunes and become a respectable and successful organization. That 1995 off-season started with the NFL's 10th Best Draft of ALL-TIME. Don't believe me? Click here to see the video footage. The Bucs 1995 Draft consisted of the following:

1st Round 12th Pick - DT Warren Sapp (Miami)
1st Round 28th Pick - OLB Derrick Brooks (FSU)
2nd Round 11th Pick - DB Melvin Johnson
4th Round 7th Pick - FS Jerry Wilson
5th Round 9th Pick - CB Clifton Abraham (FSU)
6th Round 8th Pick - LB Wardell Rouse

I'm shocked myself to see that Drafting Sapp and Brooks would be considered the 10th Best NFL Draft selection of ALL-Time. Granted they turned the Franchise around and transcended what most Bucs Fans think of when thinking about the Pewter and Red. It's not like the rest of those guys from that '95 Draft turned into anything. Abraham was good for a while, but he certainly wasnt great. That '97 Draft wasnt too shabby either with Warrick Dunn and Ronde Barber coming aboard..