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Bengals WR Chad Johnson will NEVER EVER dawn a Buccaneers Jersey

We've talked alot about the Bucs and pursuing Wide Receivers via trade this off-season. A month ago, Bengals WR Chad Johnson was the one Receiver Bucs Fans who frequented Buc 'Em wanted to see in Red -n- Pewter. We can all forget that day dream, there is NO WAY the Bucs would bring Ocho Cinco aka "Show me the Money" to Tampa. On the set of NFL Network's Total Access Tuesday, Chad had the following to say when asked about wanting more money:

"I don't want no money," Johnson said. "Wait a minute, stop 85. It's always about the money. This is a business. You play this game for a reason, because it's about the money. We fill those stands for those owners because it's about the money. Coaches want to win because you get new deals because it's about the money. Players want to play at a very high level because you get money. ... Chad continues to play at a very high level, so he can get that money. But right now in this situation, I don't want any money from where I am. That's not what I asked for." - Pro Football Talk

To say Chad Johnson is outspoken is an understatement and we all know that, but speaking his mind EVERYWHERE like he has, there is no way Gruden and Allen would bring a guy like that to Tampa. Regardless of whether he is going to bring his water hose and seeds to make the grass greener wherever he lands. I got to give it to the guy, he's entertaining as can be, but I think he could make things ugly in a hurry. Click here to see the video footage.