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Anquan Boldin won't force Cardinals hand, but Agent Rosenhaus could

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Arizona Cardinals WR Anquan Boldin has had time to contemplate his teammates recent contract extension, namely the dollars and cents of the matter. Boldin on Larry Fitzgerald's contract extension:

Having been asked "Did Larry Fitzgerald's new four-year $40 million contract leave [him] smiling? Boldin replied, "Yeah". "It lets you know what's out there." - Kent Somers of the Arizona Republic

Don't think for one minute that Anquan is about to start demanding this and that from his employer:

"I leave that up to my agent (Drew Rosenhaus)," Boldin said. "They'll go back and forth. He'll keep me in the loop for the most part, but I can't be worried about that. I think when players get involved in that, that starts to affect their play on the field. Me, I can go home and sleep good at night, staying out of the business side of it and just concentrating on what I need to do. I actually do let my agent take care of it, because if you don't, you'll be stressed out about this and that, and things that you have no business stressing over," he said. "Besides, you can't do anything about it, anyways." - Kent Somers of the Arizona Republic

That is one class act athlete. Boldin uses examples of the Colts Reggie Wayne and Marvin Harrison and the late tandem of Issac Bruce and Torry Holt for reasons he, the Cardinals, and Larry Fitzgerald should be able to make this thing work. If it's not meant to be, Anquan won't sweat it:

"It's not me," Boldin said. "I'm here to play football and play football only. It's not my job to sit here and worry about negotiations, and if they are going to get me done, or when, or things like that. That's just not me. I love to play football. I love to be around the guys." - Kent Somers of the Arizona Republic

As a Bucs fan, I can only hope Super Agent Drew Rosenhaus pushes the Arizona Cardinals to re-work Anquan's contract, ultimately forcing the Red Birds to trade their other elite Receiver. On a Personal note: I once had the pleasure of playing with Anquan Boldin on a rec basketball court in Tallahassee Florida, the guy is incredibly humble and respectful. I wish him all the best!!!