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Overwhelming majority of Bucs Fans would TRADE for Julius Peppers

...UPDATE... In an increasingly depressing term of events, rumors are swirling of the Carolina Panthers entertaining the thought of trading DE Julius Peppers to the New England Patriots for a 2nd Round NFL Draft Pick (34th Overall). To add insult to injury, that 34th overall selection is the pick the Patriots received in the deal that blocked Jay Cutler from being traded to the Bucs.

*****The post below was published in 2008 prior to the NFL Draft.*****

Last week we ran a Poll at Buc 'Em to gauge Bucs Fans interest in trading for the Carolina Panthers DE Julius Peppers. There had been rumors that Peppers had officially been put on the trade block. With the idea in mind, that trades within the division almost never happen, especially for players with Julius' upside, over 100 of you participated in the poll. An overwhelming majority of Bucs Fans would trade for the Panthers DE Julius Peppers...

With that said, it's time to make trade offers.. What? That's right, I submitted a trade offer to Cat Scratch Reader blogger, Jaxon, who blogs about the Carolina Panthers for SBNation. What was the offer you ask? I offered up our 1st Round Pick (#20) for next month's NFL Draft and I also included a 2nd Day Pick (3rd Round Pick) for next seasons NFL Draft.. What do you think? Did I offer too much? Too little? Will the fans over there accept the trade offer? We'll see in the coming days. In the meantime, tell me what you think?

Imagine Gaines Adams on the right side, Peppers on the left, and Javon Haye/Greg White in the middle. That would be one heck of a line. Throw Marques Douglas into the rotation and we have a pretty sweet push from the front four. We know an inter-division trade is highly unlikely (will never take place), so the Bucs only shot is through Free Agency next season. There's rumors of Peppers being spotted at Denver Nuggets games, thus insinuating his potential to be traded to the Broncos. Hopefully that scenario doesnt take place.