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CADILLAC WILLIAMS UPDATE: Expects to be back this Season

Stephen Holder (St. Pete Times) relays the Bucs Cadillac Williams FIRST discussion with the Media since he started rehabbing from Patellar Tendon surgery back in December.

Caddy on playing in '08:

"Oh yeah, no doubt," Williams said. "I definitely have a great shot. I feel good about it. Me personally, I'd love to be ready for training camp. Ready for opening day. Of course, that's my goal. But at the same time, we've got to be smart with it" - St. Pete Times

Caddy on the thought of never playing again:

"You're laying in bed, you're doing rehab and you can't move your leg," Williams said. "So you start to think that even though the doctor is telling you, 'Whoa, they're just speculating, be patient.' But we're human. You get to thinking like, "Man, maybe it is [career threatening]. But at the same time, I bounced back, did a lot of praying and I feel like I'm going to be okay. Everybody knows it's a patellar tear," Williams said. "But it's something that I don't feel is a career-ending injury. I'm showing up every day with my hard hat on and looking to get better and better. It's been an uphill battle" - St. Pete Times

Caddy on becoming stronger and trusting his knee:

"I'm actually starting to get active on this thing and put some pressure on it," Williams said. "Yesterday, I got where I was able to do some quick ladders and little drills, pushing the sled. I'm actually getting where I can put some pressure on this thing and see where it goes." - St. Pete Times

Holder says Caddy is sporting a 9 INCH SCAR on his surgically repaired knee. He also reports that Carnell said he's working on building up his right quad muscles. That he is able to do some light squats, run stairs at Raymond James Stadium, jog and do full-speed running in the pool. Caddy's doctor told him it would take 9-12 months to recover from the surgery.

This is Great, Great news to hear.. Way to relay the discussion to the fans Stephen. Excellent recap! I never thought for one second that Caddy was done for his career. I never expected him to be back by Training Camp either. Hopefully he does play it smart and takes a slow pace to recover. He ought to just play it safe, while the car-pool of running backs that have taken his place hold down the fort. Bottomline: I don't expect Caddy back before mid-season. He would be an excellent shot in the arm should this team have Playoff aspirations come December... Get healthy Caddy.. Take it slow.. Excellent Post Stephen!!