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San Francisco 49ers sign last of decent WR's on Free Agency Market


The 49ers have released Veteran WR Darrell Jackson... Pro Football Talk lists the Bucs as a possible destination. At this point, why not? Bring in a cagillion players at one position and see who sticks.

The 49ers have signed WR Bryant Johnson to a 1 Year deal, wow, one year? That's pretty sad. He clearly had a better position playing time wise with the Bucs and you would think monetarily as well with all the money the Bucs are throwing at free agents ($6mil to Dunn?)...

Plus, the 49ers already have: Isaac Bruce, Darrell Jackson, Arnaz Battle, Ashley Lelie and Jason Hill at Wide Receiver. He's gonna have to battle (as he has his entire career) three receivers for a spot, much less the ball. Compare that to the Bucs Corps: Joey Galloway, Ike Hilliard, ???????, ????????, and ????????.. None of our other options are better than Bryant Johnson and Johnson would have easily been the #2 receiver.. ah well. Here's to you staying healthy this season and being able to re-coup next off-season... eh