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Bucs add Marques Douglas to Defensive Line Fray

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have signed DE Marques Douglas to a four year deal. You probably have no idea who Douglas is, here's a minimal refresher course:

He led all defensive linemen in tackles behind the line of scrimmage last year.

Douglas told newspapers that he'll be the starting left end on first and second down, but shift inside to defensive tackle on passing downs.

He's 6'2, 292 lbs, and 31 years old

That about all I can tell you about the big man. It'll be interesting to see what he gets paid. With Gaines Adams and Greg White on the roster, I wouldnt expect Douglas to start, but he's a wiley veteran so move over Greg... He may not have a ton sacks to prove it, but apparently this guy lives in the back field. As the Giants have proved, it doesnt hurt to have a stout rotation on the defensive line coming in and out of the game. Hopefully this doesnt preclude the Bucs from making a run at DE Julius Peppers should he ever make it to Free Agency