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Arizona Cardinals Larry Fitzgerald signs extension, Boldin on way out?

The Arizona Cardinals signed WR Larry Fitzgerald to a four year contract extension. This immediately eliminates Fitzgerald from any possible trade situations as the Cardinals have now freed up over $8 Million in cap space with the new deal. This move does make WR Anquan Boldin's future in the desert a little sketchy. Anquan is clearly the better Receiver Now and is making significantly less than Fitzgerald. Almost 7 million less a season. Despite freeing up over $8 million in cap space this off-season, the Cardinals are still headed for cap space headaches in the near future.

In step the Bucs... with a trade the Cardinals can't refuse. Who is a part of that trade might you ask? I would start with this years 1st round draft pick and see where the Cards would like to go from there. Would you trade for Anquan Boldin? If yes, what would you send over there for him?

Hopefully Bruce Allen can make a deal happen, if not... Never fear Bucs fans. In 4 years at the age of 27, Fitzgerald will become a Free Agent.