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Free Agent Acquisition: Indianapolis Colts Tight End Dallas Clark to the Bucs?

If by some insanely lucky chance the Indianapolis Colts DO NOT Franchise Tag Unrestricted Free Agent Tight End Dallas Clark, oh the Bucs should be all over him like Jovan Haye at the breakfast table.

#1 - Dallas Clark is only 28 Years Old

#2 - Each year he gets better and better. Last season he had 11 Touchdown Catches

#3 - Couple Clark with the addition of a Good Wide Receiver and the Offense is instantly upgraded

#4 - Maybe it will help light a fire under TE Alex Smith. The potential is in him, but for whatever reason he hasnt progressed

Today is the first day Teams have been able to place the Franchise Tag on its coveted players. Should Dallas Clark be tagged and all indications are that he will be, then the Bucs should steer clear. We can't afford to give up two 1st Round Picks for a Tight End. At best, Clark would be a complementary player to whichever Wide Receiver GM Bruce Allen is able to lure to Tampa. Dallas would be a great addition however and will be heavily pursued should the Colts not Franchise Tag him.