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Tampa Tribune: QB Brian Griese back to the Bucs?

Roy Cummings of the Tampa Tribune is reporting the Bucs may bring QB Brian Griese back to Tampa, once the Bears officially release the QB and they will.

With Jeff Garcia, Luke McCown, Chris Simms, and Bruce Gradkowski... do we really need another QB? Especially a has been like Griese? The QB starved Chicago Bears are cutting the guy!! What does that tell you? I'll be so pissed if we lose out on key free agents while trying to hammer out a deal with QB Brian Griese. Come on Bruce and Jon, resist the urge fellas. We all know you want to bring in another QB, but just hold off for another year or two. Garcia's got us for the next two and I wouldnt give up on Chris Simms just yet... Please don't sign this creep