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Free Agency Begins Tonight at 12:01AM and the Bucs must spend MONEY

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are $44 MILLION DOLLARS under the Cap!! The fellas at are saying the Bucs must spend $28 million of that 2008 cap room in order to comply with the $100.22 million per-team minimum. In other words, GM Bruce Allen is gonna be one busy man the next couple weeks.

Allen's work has already begun for sure (with planning for the NFL Draft and getting in touch with Agents), but tonight at 12:01am is when his work will pick up heavily and it should with the start of Free Agency.

This team needs immediate help at: Wide Receiver, Cornerback, Defensive End/Tackle, Wide Receiver, Offensive Line, and did I mention Wide Receiver? Good Luck Bruce, I'm looking forward to the madness!!!