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Kevin Carter and Greg Spires Released by the Bucs

The Bucs announced the releasing of Defensive Ends Kevin Carter and Greg Spires today. It's assumed Carter was cut to avoid paying out a 2 Million Dollar roster bonus to him and Spires was cut, because there's no way the Bucs were going to pay a back-up 3.8 million next season regardless of how sick and crazy a beard the man has...

I'm not sad to see either of these guys go. The St. Pete Times feel the Bucs will bring back Carter at a cheaper rate. I was sick to see him signed last off-season and I'd be just as sick to see him get signed again. He's lethargic on the line and it's pretty unacceptable that the Bucs would put up with that. So he's great with his teammates, make him an assistant.

Spires was a member of the Superbowl Team and has been a rock over the years, but he hasn't been healthy and wants (or believes) to start, so the Bucs had to cut the ties.

This leaves the Bucs incredibly thin at DE with Gaines Adams, Greg White, Charles Bennett, and Marquies Gunn (who?) rounding out the roster. The Bengals Justin Smith is about the only DE worth signing this off-season and he had 2 sacks last season. Sign a couple fringe guys, draft a couple others, and hold out for JULIUS PEPPERS next off-season... Yes, Jaxon, it will HAPPEN