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Fans Demand: A "Ring of Honor" for Franchise/Stadium

Buc 'Em contributer Stixx692001 eluded to it early in the off-season and the fact that the Kansas City Chiefs are about to announce another to theirs any day, the Bucs really ought to think about a "Ring of Honor" for their Franchise and Stadium. The Fans want it, the City needs it, and the Players are more than deserving of it. What better way (other than monetary gifts) can the Bucs show the pride of their organization that they appreciate them? A Ring of Honor would do that!!

Stixx suggests selecting the "Ring of Honor" inductees for every 4 years of the Bucs existence, that will probably be easy early on, as Stixx nominates Lee Roy Selmon as the first inductee, but once we get closer to the recent good years of the late 90's it should prove pretty tough. With that, what do the fans think? Tampa Bay Buccaneers "Ring of Honor" or NOT? Let's hear it... For the record I think it would be pretty cool.