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Denver Broncos WR Javon Walker on verge of being Cut?

The Denver Broncos may release WR Javon Walker reports Comcast Sports Net. Rather than pay the Wide Receiver the 5.4 million dollar roster bonus he's due to make on March 4th, its widely speculated that the Broncos will just cut him, making him a free-agent.

The Eagles, Bucs, and Redskins are expected to be in the running for Walker's services. If all we have to do is sign Javon to bring him aboard, then I'm all for it. Would I get excited about it? Probably not.. the guy hasn't had a clean bill of health in the NFL, plus whenever he's had decent success, he's complained for more money, so I'm not geeked up for a Walker signing, but I do think its a decision worth muling over by GM Bruce Allen.