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Free Agent Meeting: Bucs did meet with Crumpler and could meet with Coleman Today

The St. Pete Times is reporting the Bucs did meet with Free Agent TE Alge Crumpler yesterday and will meet with DT Rod Coleman today or tomorrow..

Crumpler on meetings with respective teams:

"My agent was getting so many calls that I thought it would be easier just to go there [Indianapolis Draft Combine] and meet with everybody," Crumpler said. "I really didn't want to go to five or six cities around the country. I'm not looking for the red carpet treatment, I'm just looking for a team I can win on. I'm not bitter, its not like I have to be in the NFC South so I can play the Falcons twice. I'm more concerned about the team I'm going to play for" - From Jeff Schultz of the AJC

Crumpler named the following teams as potential suitors: Green Bay, Buffalo, Detroit, Seattle, Carolina, Tampa Bay, and Tennessee. Word is the Tennessee Titans have the early edge on signing TE Alge Crumpler. Alge Crumpler took his physical for the Bucs yesterday, it will be interesting to see where talks go from there.

As far as Alge's best situation, after this coming season you would figure the Packers will be a mess without QB Brett Favre. Buffalo isn't a winning team, and Detroit likes to think they are, but they're not either. Crumpler could certainly prosper in Seattle (don't do it Crump!). Carolina is a question mark with their QB situation. Tennessee is a nice up and comer, but are they ready to be perennial Playoff contenders? The Bucs give Crumpler a good two years with a Playoff Window, after that who knows? He'd probably be better off in Seattle, but come to TAMPA Alge.... just do iT!