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Free Agent Cornerback, Asante Samuel, likes the Bucs

News of the Weird
Former New England Patriot and current Free Agent Cornerback Asante Samuel apparently has the Bucs on his short list of off-season spots he would like to land. His agent goes so far as to say:

"That [Tampa Bay] is a situation that makes sense," said Alonzo Shavers, Samuel's agent. "Tampa Bay is definitely worth considering. It was an organization that was in the Super Bowl not too long ago. It is an organization Asante wants to play for. It's definitely something that makes perfect sense for everybody." - Tampa Tribune

You're probably wondering why I would file this under News of the Weird, especially seeing how CB Brian Kelly paid 500k this off-season to ensure he won't return to Tampa and Asante Samuel would be a heck of a piece to fill BK's shoes with. The reason it's weird is... when have the Bucs ever given 8 mil to a Cornerback? Samuel might be 27, have (2) Superbowl Rings, and be considered as an upper echelon CB, but we all know the Bucs don't typically shell out that kind of money for any player, let alone a Cornerback...

Hmm, I'm not sure Phillip Buchanon can entirely fill the void BK will inevitably leave behind, but I also can't argue for the Bucs to spend 8 mil on a Cornerback, even if that guy is interested in coming to Tampa..