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Indianapolis Colts place Franchise Tag on TE Dallas Clark


One day after applying the Franchise tag to TE Dallas Clark, the Colts have signed him to a 6 year contract. Thus removing any possibility of any team acquiring Clark.

As expected, the Indianapolis Colts placed their Franchise tag on TE Dallas Clark today. This all but makes him completely unavailable this off-season. Teams can still attempt to sign the Tight End, but two 1st Round Draft Picks would be forfeited should said team be able to sign Clark.

I, along with 99.9% of the NFL community, never expected Dallas Clark to see Franchise-Tagless Free Agency this off-season. Had he hit the market, that would have been as stunning as a certain TE hitting the market last friday thanks to Atlanta trying to remove any fan appeal from their football team. There's no way I can argue that the Bucs should give up two 1st Round Draft picks to acquire Clark, a Top Flight Wide Receiver who's name rhymes with Hitzgerald maybe, but not a Tight End. Especially when you-know-who is on the market and only cost $money$ .... Dang you Indy, dang you!