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Tampa Bay Buccaneers finally sign a Wide Receiver

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have signed Pre-Season MVP Wide Receiver Paris Warren to a one year contract. Warren finished the Pre-Season with 15 Catches for 191 Yards and 4 Touchdowns. He averaged over 12 yards a catch and was a lock to make the Bucs Final Roster cuts, but a freak leg injury ended Paris' dream Pre-season run. A dislocated ankle stopped Warren from potentially cracking the Bucs Gameday roster in '07. Paris on his recovery:

"I'm doing good," Warren said. "I'm done with rehab. I'm just working on strengthening right now. I'm ready to go, I wouldn't want to be anywhere else." - Bucs Beat

With David Boston finally out of the picture and WRs Michael Clayton-Maurice Stovall not seizing their opportunities, the door is wide open for Paris Warren to claim the roster spot he earned in August. I'm sure Paris is keeping a close watch on the Bucs Wide Receiver talks this off-season as will his fan base. I for one would like to see Paris get a shot to start, but if the Bucs acquire a bonafide threat I can be persuaded otherwise..