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Bucs to reach out to Crumpler and Coleman

The Pewter Report expects the Bucs to target recently released Tight End Alge Crumpler and DT Rod Coleman. Potential suitors were waiting for the NFL to announce the Falcons-Cuts before they could actually approach the free-agents, the NFL has officially announced the cuts: Let the offers fly..

Hopefully any day now, a report will surface of the Bucs having talked to Crumpler's agent. I understand needing depth on the defensive line and Coleman could prosper in a better situation in Tampa. He's only two years removed from a 10 sack season. Plus he's two years younger than Greg Spires AND Bruce Allen and Jon Gruden drafted the guy back in '99. Gaines Adams, Greg White, and Jovan Haye should be locks at each of their positions. A carousel of Coleman, Hovan, and "Player-to-be-named-later" could fill in the final spot on the line until next off-season when Julius Peppers swaps Carolina Pewter for Tampa Pewter.. Ski, don't knock that dream man