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Random Musings: Alge Crumpler, Michael Bennett, Spring Training

Click here to send Alge a love note, I mean, your reasons for why he should come to Tampa. I did: ALGE, I've followed you my whole career. Short and Sweet = Give GM Bruce Allen and the Bucs a shot. We have a ton of cap space and a desperate need for a dominating Tight End such as yourself. 3.4 mil is nothing, I'll start an uproar at if you're not offered at least 4.5 mil to come to Tampa. Jeff Garcia, Potential Perennial Playoff Team, did I mention a consistent and accurate Quarterback? We need YOU in Tampa Alge. Best thing is, we don't have a #83 representing the team, come claim your jersey man!!! If you don't come to Tampa good luck with your job search. Just make sure you join a contender with a decent QB. I dont want to hear of you signing with the Raiders, Cardinals, Dolphins, etc. TAMPA TAMPA TAMPA!!!

The Bucs have extended a three year contract to RB Michael Bennett. You may remember him from last season for this play alone, "..." yep that pretty much sums up his career so far with the Bucs. I'm not sure 3 years was the right idea, but With Earnest Graham as the only RB on the roster with any experience, the Bucs had to bring in somebody else. This should mark the end of the road for Michael Pittman. With Graham, Bennett, and Darby, plus a Cadillac in the wings, there's no need to extend Pittman a contract.

MLB's Spring Training is upon us!! If you're in to that sort of thing and I know I am, be sure to checkout and frequent the following blogs: (NY Mets), Amazin Avenue (NY Mets), and (TB Rays). Do any other teams exist? I don't think they do!

There's been a couple coaching changes this off-season for the Bucs that I've neglected to cover, due to a lack of interest on my part. Here's the changes though:
Quarterbacks Coach: Former Paul Hackett - Newly Signed Greg Olson
Running Backs Coach: Former Art Valero - Newly Re-Assigned Richard Bisaccia
Asst. Head Coach: Former Art Valero - Newly Re-Assigned Larry Coyer
Asst. Offensive Line Coach: Former Aaron Kromer - Newly Signed George Yarno