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Jon Gruden hunting for Quarterbacks? What's New..

Rick Stroud from the St. Pete Times suggests the Bucs might pursue a Veteran Quarterback this off-season despite having Jeff Garcia, Luke McCown, Bruce Gradkowski, and yes one more, Chris Simms on the roster. Bruce Allen still dreams of the day QB Jake Plummer will join the team. Even with that log jam at Quarterback, Rick still thinks the Bucs might go after a Veteran QB.

Of all the QB's on the Free Agent market, QB Daunte Culpepper is considered the favorite, with Rex Grossman, Brian Griese, and Chad Pennington as runners up... First of all, what part of a NON-MOBILE Quarterback don't we all understand? Unless the Quarterback is a Tom Brady type, he will get beat up in Gruden's offense. Culpepper may have a strong arm, but does he have the smarts to pick up a offense, Jeff Garcia is still trying to learn? I had to refrain from vomiting while typing Brian Griese's name once again, that ride was over a long time ago. Rex Grossman and Chad Pennington appear to be Trent Dilfer's grandsons, no thank you.

Roy Cummings of the Tampa Tribune seems to think the Bucs could Draft a Quarterback. There's really no point in digging much further into this, but if Andre Woodson and Chad Henne are potential 2nd Round Picks, you're better off drafting kickers ahead of them. Henne couldnt beat a Div-II school and Woodson, sure he had a nice year, but the late delivery and lack of mobility would make him a Gradkowski-Lite for the Bucs. Again, No Thank You.

As if Drafting or Signing a QB wasnt the last thing the Bucs should do, signing QB Jeff Garcia to a contract extension, so he can finish his career in Tampa would render acquiring a QB in the Draft or through Free Agency pointless. Let's swallow that 7th Round Draft Pick we traded for Jake Plummer and fill holes on this team that need help: Wide Receiver, Cornerback, Tight End, KICK RETURNING.. among other things. Forget adding another QB