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Fleaflicker Week 13 Fantasy Football Standings... Yikes!

How time flys, Week 13 of the Fantasy Football Season is a wrap. Checkout the Standings below. The first thing you should notice is the elimination of three teams from the standings: JScott's Team, Stixx's Team, and DunnFann's team. The Bull Gator should be right there with those of us who were eliminated but the kid has riddled off 6 wins in a row, way to go man. Aside from The Bull Gator, Buc Beast has probably made the greatest leap from cellar dweller to potential contender by leap frogging Tenacious Lee... See below:

I'm disappointed I didnt make it past Week 13, but it was a good run and it would have sucked to win the league any way, heh, right. Good luck the rest of the way guys.. There's some tough matches yet to unfold.. Should be good...