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Carnell Williams not seriously injured, expected to play next season

The Good News: Cadillac Williams did not severely tear his right patellar tendon.

The Bad News: He might be back in time for Training Camp next season. Carnell Williams on the medical news he received:

"If it's the way it's been explained, it's more like the Mark Jones tear [from last season]," Williams said. "After six to eight weeks, he was rolling. Right now, I'm just hoping for the best. I'll go ahead and have surgery and look forward to rehab." - Stephen Holder of the St. Pete Times.

Williams on the injury itself:

"It's tough," he said. "I was getting a few carries here and there and starting to feel like my old self. My right knee, which is now my good knee, was feeling good. It's just a freak accident. Right now, I have no luck." - Stephen Holder of the St. Pete Times

No luck is right. As I was watching him break away on his long run, I couldnt help but think how eerily similar it looked to his breakout run against the Panthers. I even cringed when he was getting tackled because you just knew he was going to go down awkward and he did. Cadillac is an insane competitor, marked by his rehab comment up above. I look forward to his return next season and hope/pray that this will be his last stint with rehabbing injuries. As for the injury itself, it looked a lot worse than it has been diagnosed to be. Mark Jones played the entire season this year as the Panthers return man. Hopefully Cadillac will have the same fate.