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Depressing News Nuggets: Philly won big, NFC South Champion, Super Bowl XLIII

Had the Bucs actually beat the Oakland Raiders today at home, rather than losing their fourth game in a row and second in a row at home... They would have secured a Wildcard Playoff spot, as the Philadelphia Eagles defeated the Dallas Cowboys 44-6.

The Carolina Panthers have won the NFC South and have secured a bye for the first round of the Playoffs. Congrats Jaxon...

Last seasons NFC South cellar dweller in the Atlanta Falcons have secured a Wildcard spot in next weeks NFL Playoffs. Congrats Dave...

Despite the Bucs not making the Playoffs, the NFL's Super Bowl XLIII will still be held in Tampa's Raymond James Stadium... eh

Hey, at least the '76 Buccaneers are no longer the sole franchise who completed an entire season winless. The Detroit Lions lost their final game of the season to the Green Bay Packers today. Now the Bucs can share the honor with another Franchise.

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