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Dubious Company for the '76 Bucs Coming?

For years we've heard about Mercury Morris, Don Shula, and the '72 Dolphins popping their champaigne corks and celebrating when the last undefeated team loses each year.  It's old, it's corny, it's not even worth giving them air time anymore. 

What IS interesting is the opposite end of the gold standard.... the 'ol perfection in reverse.  As you all know, the Detroit Lions are going for 0-16 on Sunday in Lambeau Field.  Cue the Bennie Hill theme music.  It would mark the first winless season in the NFL since the orange creamsicles went 0-14 in 1976, the Bucs' inaugural season.  Speaking of... how would one expect our original lovable losers to react to being supplanted as the most futile team in NFL history?  It sounds like some of the old '76 Buccos have mixed feelings about the dubious mark.  DE Pat Toomey says he'd like the torch to be passed to another team (although he doesn't wish the humiliation on anyone).  The Ol' Ball Coach Steve Spurrier, a QB on the inaugural team, and LB Richard Wood feel bad for them and claim they will be rooting for the Lions to win Sunday.

Personally I don't feel bad for the Lions.  They're getting paid VERY well to play football VERY poorly.  Talentwise, they're not as bad as 0-16, so they clearly haven't performed up to their abilities.  Thus, their impeding shameful mark is all on them.  Let's stop feeling sorry for them, enjoy Perfection In Reverse tomorrow, and get the champaigne bottles ready to pop.  The '76 Bucs are gonna have company.